What is Global People Project?

In a world increasingly characterised by globalised connections, the need for understanding and communication across diverse cultures is stronger than ever before.

Global People Project addresses this need through engaging with concepts such as  identity, tolerance, openness, accessibility and global citizenship.

Global People Project is a non-profit organization set up to raise awareness and promote a better understanding of ourselves and others in a global context.

Who is involved?

Global People Project was devised and founded by Hugh Lewis and is created by a team of creatives, technologists, entrepreneurs, academics and producers who are active in the digital landscape and pioneer new approaches to engagement within it.

What does Global People Project do?

Projects include 20 Questions, Global Workshops, Thought Map, Spaces & Places, Open Documentary, and Thoughtscapes Exhibitions.

Tell me more about 20 Questions.

People from all around the world are asked the same set of universal questions that are relevant to us all, no matter who we are or where we come from.

These range from personal questions about happiness, anger, love, death and laughter, to questions about the world we live in, community, innovation and the future.

They are the kind of questions that one interviewee described as ‘questions you instinctively know the answers to but are never asked.’

People speak in their mother tongue and the result is an incredibly diverse collection of professionally filmed answers expressed in over 35 languages; from Malayalam to Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese to Pidgin and French to Fon.

And what about the Thought Map?

The Thought Map is an application that lets you explore patterns in peoples’ thoughts from around the globe.
You can find out for example, what a Kashmiri farmer has in common with a Tokyo businessman, how a mass killer from Rwanda has similar aspirations to an actress in New York or how a Physics teacher from Beirut shares the same fears as a Burmese landmine victim.
Through the Thought Map you can explore the world through places, people and thoughts, witnessing first-hand the hopes and concerns people share and the nature of their differences.

If the questions and answers are in a language I don’t understand, how do I know what they are saying?

We ask people to answer in their mother tongue so they can express themselves as fully as possible. Answers are translated into English to enable access to a wider audience and we are in the process of adding further multilingual translations to enable as many people as possible to access, learn from and be inspired by Global People Project.

What is the Open Documentary about?

Building on the success of earlier initiatives, this film explores the living experience of globalisation and identity around the world.

This film is made possible by the digital revolution in production technologies and the open culture of Creative Commons and remix.

Stories of globalisation are often told through the lens of transnational organisations and multilateral government treaties. Rarely are they told at the level of individual people.

This timely film places the thoughts and experiences of individuals at the heart of a global narrative.

Where is it filmed?

Spanning six continents, production has taken place in over 100 locations, telling the compelling stories of people from across diverse communities. Experiences range from the extraordinary to the familiar; from exorcisms, voodoo rituals and pow-wow dances to drinking tea, going to the office and swimming in the sea.

The film is currently in production.

What is Spaces & Places about?

Spaces & Places is one example of how we are exploring new methods and models for audience engagement in today’s digital landscape.
We look at how engaging audiences far earlier, from the very outset of production, has an impact.
This initiative puts the audience at the heart of the story, facilitating participation and creating a deeper and revisitable experience with a wide range of applications.

Is Global People Project just for the web?

No, Global People Project presents its work across the most relevant platforms.

What are Thoughtscapes?

Employing cutting edge digital tools and techniques in gallery spaces we transform gallery spaces into interactive ‘Thoughtscapes,’ places to immerse yourself in the unique perspectives from different people from around the world.

Curated around core themes including Happiness, Fear, Laughter, Love, Anger, Death, Hope and the Future, the Thoughtscape exhibitions mix documentary photography, moving image media and sound in a showcase that is both deeply intimate and at the same time universal.
The exhibitions are currently in development.

What about the Global Workshops you run?

Global People Project’s Creatives, Technologists and Producers pass on their knowledge and skills in a series of workshops that have run in tandem with the global production.

Partnering with film schools and media organisations, Digital Craft Workshops have taken place in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.